Westerland (dpo) – In hard times you have to take tough action: Fearing an onslaught of „cheap tourists“ with 9-euro tickets, the municipality of Sylt today destroyed the Hindenburg Dam with a controlled detonation. This means that the island is completely cut off from the mainland.

„Unfortunately, there was no other way,“ explains Sylt’s mayor Gero von Welfenstein (non-party). „We have to protect our regular guests from the noise of these rednecks. After all, Sylt has a reputation to lose as a luxury vacation spot.“

The blasting of the Hindenburg Dam, which was inaugurated exactly 95 years ago today, took place in the early hours of the morning – shortly before the first regional train, completely overcrowded with 9-euro ticket travelers, was able to reach the island.

„Of course, vacationers are still welcome on Sylt,“ von Welfenstein said. „We can still be approached by yacht or private plane and are happy about everyone who can overcome this small hurdle.“

In September, when the 9-euro ticket offer from Deutsche Bahn is no longer valid, the Hindenburg Dam is to be repaired and made accessible again.

Whether the calculation of the Sylter comes up, is at present however still unclear. In the meantime, around 20,000 people with a 9-euro ticket have gathered on the mainland and are currently busy building makeshift rafts out of empty beer cans in order to get to the island after all.

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