Caro Daur is not the only one who has contributed to Kliemannsland. Previously unknown emails now provide a deeper insight into the business of the influencer: they suggest that at least 15 people, some of them prominent, have supported the creative farm, including Joko Winterscheidt, Ina Müller and Severin Kantereit.

Even utopias first cause costs and so Fynn Kliemann writes an email to his circle of friends on the evening of July 5, 2020: „So dear gang,“ the message reads. „As teased on the phone, I have big plans with Kliemannsland and would love to have you all on board.“

The subject of the mail says „GANG Investment“; in it, Kliemann proposes to recipients a silent partnership in one of his projects, Kliemannsland. Under this name, Kliemann runs a creative farm near Bremen. Festivals are held at the farm, and interested people are supposed to teach each other to be creative there, away from city life. Kliemann, who has become known for his DIY videos on YouTube, once described the project in the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper as an „adult education center in cool.

In the summer of 2020, Kliemann’s creative project is in a state of upheaval. Previously, he had collaborated with the public online network Funk. But despite great success, the format at Funk ended in summer 2020, so Kliemann was looking for new funding. But how do you raise money for a „big playground for everyone who is up for adventure and has fun creating,“ as the farm describes itself?
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At the end of May, CORRECTIV had reported on fashion influencer Caroline Daur’s silent participation in Kliemann’s creative project. Now it turns out that far more supporters, some of them prominent, from the show and influencer scene got involved.
Investments based on a gut feeling

Several emails obtained by CORRECTIV provide a rare insight into business practices in the influencer scene. The messages suggest that what is apparently needed most is a casual tone of voice, rather than a concretely calculated business model. Similar to likes on Instagram, investments seem to be more about a good feeling than about numbers and balance sheets, or in other words: about the „story,“ as one of the partners tells CORRECTIV.

The list of recipients of circular e-mails apparently addressed to the shareholders of Kliemannsland GmbH includes celebrity chef Tim Mälzer, musician and presenter Ina Müller, musician Severin Kantereit, presenter Joko Winterscheidt and DIY enthusiast and influencer Laura Kampf.

It remains unclear whether all the recipients of the email actually participated themselves. CORRECTIV has asked all of them for a statement. Fifteen of the 20 people responded, confirming that they had concluded a silent partnership or were acting for a company that had invested in Kliemannsland; it is not possible to attribute a payment to each recipient. In some cases, more than one person is behind an investment. Of the celebrities mentioned, only Tim Mälzer did not respond to the inquiries.

The investors also included entrepreneurs such as Philipp Westermeyer, founder of the platform OMR (Online Marketing Rockstars) and Jakob Berndt, co-founder of the fair trade project Charitea & Lemonaid and the sustainability bank Tomorrow.

When asked by CORRECTIV, Bastian Ohrtmann, managing director of Kliemannsland GmbH, flatly denied that 20 silent partners had taken a stake in the company; he did not provide details. He did not respond to questions about the valuation of the company and the use of the funds, as the questions were too „open and unspecific“.

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