The two vaccination opponents who kidnapped their children to Paraguay are asking the other parent to stop looking for them. According to the lawyer, the children make a bad impression in a video message. Police hope to get information from an arrested man.

In the case of the two German girls missing in Paraguay, the fugitive parents of the two have spoken out in a video message. In it, the presumed strict Corona vaccination opponents called on the mother of ten-year-old Clara, Anne Maja Reiniger-Egler, to stop the search, as their lawyer Stephan Schultheiss said in Asunción. Meanwhile, authorities temporarily arrested the owner of a vehicle in which the fugitive couple and the two girls were traveling around the country.

Mother’s desperate appeal Interpol seeks ex-professional soccer player Egler for child abduction

German Andreas Rainer Egler, a suspected opponent of Corona vaccinations, had entered Paraguay in November with his ten-year-old daughter Clara. Both were accompanied by Egler’s new wife Anna Maria Egler and their eleven-year-old daughter Lara Valentina. According to the Paraguayan public prosecutor’s office, the adults had taken the girls to the South American country without the consent of the other parent.

The video message was published on the messenger service Telegram, Schultheiss said. Addressing the fugitive couple, he said, „They are asking our clients to give up their children and leave them behind.“ His clients would „hardly recognize their children on the videos.“
Attorney: „It’s not about punishment“

Clara’s hair was cut short and dyed, according to the report. „She didn’t seem comfortable,“ Schultheiss said. That upset her mother so much, she said, that she was unable to attend the news conference as planned.

The search for the girls will continue, the lawyer said: „Authorities are investigating in Paraguay, Germany and through Interpol, all over the world.“ The girls‘ welfare is „not compatible with a life on the run that you have chosen,“ he said, appealing to the fugitive couple, „End this extremely stressful situation for everyone. Please show yourselves.“

Clara’s mother and Lara’s father are not about punishment, he said. „They want to find a solution that allows everyone a peaceful future and a return to normal life,“ the lawyer stressed.

Police search for German anti-vaccination couple in Paraguay because of child abduction

Meanwhile, police in Paraguay temporarily arrested Diego Martínez, who they said rented a Nissan pickup truck to the wanted couple a month ago. „The suspect made several contradictory statements,“ said police commissioner Cristian Cáceres. „First he said the couple had been introduced to him by a relative, but then he said it was a customer.“ Martínez said he worked as a car mechanic in the town of Villarrica, southeast of the capital, Asunción.
Possible aide back on the loose

The man provided a lot of information, said prosecutor Carina Sánchez. „There were some problems that forced us to arrest him, but it was only for the purpose of him providing all the information he has about this couple.“ Martínez was later released.

„We are convinced that the girls and the couple are still in Paraguay,“ said Mario Vallejos, chief of the Paraguayan police’s anti-kidnapping unit. However, he said he feared they could leave for neighboring Argentina or Brazil.

Martínez is also under suspicion for a „bank transfer to a third party in the name of the Germans,“ police said. „There is a third person who is helping the child’s parents,“ Vallejos said.

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